Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Someone is up to the same tired old games again.

Last week, when the Nashville Scene announced a Dean for Mayor social function at the Green Hills Library, Small Town Mike did his best Stuttering John imitation, whining about how the media wouldnt ask the tough questions. The question on his mind was some hypothetical, pointless meandering about how Karl might have handled an obscure issue that is all important to the king of the neighborhooods (did you know he was a co-founder and past president of Salemtown Neighbor Asses?) but which has already been put to bed. The bill was voted on, passed, vetoed, and is now DEAD. Well Liz Garrigan called him on this, reminding him this wasn't a debate, and calling him a buzzkill. at which point the blogosphere pretty much kicked Mike's ass.

Today the Scene endorses Karl Dean for Mayor, and guess who, in his never ending quest to find a conspiracy or play at "dillettante" investigative journalist, finds the real reason behind his ass whooping? Well of course, he now believes it was all a carefully constructed plot to discredit him because he was speaking "truth to power" and mucking up the Scene's endorsement. Damn the guy has some ego.

Mike then proceeds to "find" some "mean spirited Metro Mafia" based on the fact Karl Dean 1) didnt as an uninvited, self invited, Briley supporting, blogger to an invitation only event she crashed, 2) another bloggers claim that Dean was hard to interview and, as Metro Law Director, didnt drop everything to answer her question when she was a reporter, and 3) Karl also failed to respond immediately when the king of neighborhoods (did I mention he was a co-founder and past president of the Salemtown Neighborhoods Asses?) posed a question.

Will someone please help this self important ass-hat find the tin foil to make a new headgear?


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